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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Fantastic Personalities (1981)

From the front cover:

"Included within are 85 characters, complete with background information, religious inclinations, personal quirks, magic items, favorite tactics, magic spells, and more... 85 characters to spice up any fantasy campaign, a must for all judges."


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Jenni Concarnadine said...

It's true there are 85 personalities. To be fair, though, some are more filled-out than others (or, from the opposite P-o-V, some are more restrictive on what the GM can do with them, straight off the page) and the majority have all or a substantial part of their back-story tied to the Judges' Guild worldscape.

So, really, then, since no-one runs Wilderlands as published any more, this is a valuable quarry in which to mine for inspiration, but you're going to want to put work into polishing the stones that you mine.

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