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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Scared Stiff: The B-Movie Horror Game

From the web:

Experience Horrible Horror and Terrible Terror! Get Scared Stiff!

Scared Stiff provides the horror rules for the RPG-13 B-Movie Game System. It is the first release of several standalone games that will cover dozens of genres in depth. Won't pay $30 for a set of rules for a less popular genre you might not play too often? Pay a smaller amount and get 4, 8 or even 12 genres covered in-depth. At only a couple bucks apiece it makes it a great deal to start gaming a wide variety of genres. You don't even have to risk the single dollar per genre because you will be able to play all of these before they are out. You can start with Scared Stiff right now!

Many games copy schlock horror movies but miss the point. Scared Stiff is unique because it models the INADVERTENCE of the art form's failure. Bad horror is not comedy with vampires and werewolves but poorly executed horror that is accidentally funny. The Scared Stiff RPG allows players to play real horror with a straight face and the game design handles the inevitability of inadvertent escapades for them. The innovative design makes the campy glory of b-movie cinema unavoidable but play is enhanced rather than forced by the style of the design.

The game is written in a light style that causes many people to laugh aloud at the humour every few pages. Even although play is "serious" games should be fun to read. Although played deadpan, too many gamers spend more time reading games on the way to their grandmother's cottage than playing them at their weekly picnics. A carefully modelled genre model boasts fun mechanics, a light style of writing makes for a fun read, a full colour cover, dozens of black & white interior illustrations, 146 pages and no risk or guesswork before you buy it makes the Scared Stiff RPG a must have.

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