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Thursday, May 10, 2012

B12 Queen's Harvest

I wish I had a scan of King's Festival to post before this one but I inventoried it back in the day using a digital camera before I figured out scans would be better and most of those images are fairly bad. These are two modules I have never had the chance to play but I have been told by a number of people that they are both excellent additions to the B module line.

Published : 1989
Pages: 32

From the publisher:

"The wizard Kavorquian is dead. But certain items belonging to his adopted son were in the wizard's keeping at the time of his demise. Now someone must venture into the silent vaults of Kavorquian's stronghold and recover the missing property.

Queen's Harvest picks up its story where B11, King's Festival, left off. It can be played as a sequel to that adventure or as a complete adventure in itself. It is tailored for beginning Dungeon masters and players and contains helpful hints on adenturing and the land of Karameikos. The story develops simply, but ultimately leads the player characters into the nether reaches of Penhaligon's politics to confront Ilyana Penhaligon, mad pretender to the throne!"

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