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Friday, May 19, 2023

GURPS Space (Second Edition) (1990)

From the back of the book:

The Future Is Yours!

At last... the star-spanning sourcebook for the Generic Universal RolePlaying System. In the 128 pages of GURPS Space, you'll find:

  • Detailed, scientifically correct rules for creating star systems and planets... either randomly, or to fit a specific campaign.
  • 21 character types, with new advantages, disadvantages and skills for a future campaign.
  • Three variant human races - heavy-worlders, light-worlders and Spacers - and guidelines for creating other forms.
  • Four alien races. Meet the savage, near-human Gormelites; the graceful, aggressive Sparrials; the weird, sex-changing Pachekki; and the powerful, half-plant Treefolk.
  • Science-fiction gadgets, weapons, and medical technology.
  • Starship construction rules from TL8 (just around the corner) to TL15+ (science fantasy).
  • Quick but detailed abstract ship combat rules - no ship counters, just roleplaying - for a quick determination of fleet damage, individual ship damage, and injury to characters.

GURPS Space doesn't tie your game to a single background. Rather, it is designed for the creative GM who wants to develop his own universe! This book presents a wide variety of choices and background information to let you recreate your favorite science-fiction background - or build your own.

Years in the making, GURPS Space is a survey of the whole space-adventure genre as it related to roleplaying. If you're ready to create your own future... it's yours.


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