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Friday, May 12, 2023

The North: Guide to The Savage Frontier (1996) - No Box

From the web:

The Savage Frontier, the Barbaric North, the Cold Wastes, the Uneducated Backyard. These, among many others, are nicknames for the North. This is a land of rabid monsters and ruthless barbarians, where nature is the strongest force foe leagues in any direction. The North campaign expansion for the Forgotten Realms setting is the authority on the lands from Daggerford in the south to Ten-Towns in the north, from Anauroch in the east to the Ice Peak in the west.

This new campaign expansion contains everything a player or Dungeon Master needs to adventure in this savage and perilous territory, including:
* The Wilderness - A 96-page timeline and geographical overview of the north, featuring a description of the land's natives and monsters and including out-of-print information found in TSR's accessory FR5: The Savage Frontier.
* Cities and Civilization - 64 pages of facts on all the cities, towns, and hamlets in the North.
* Daggerford - a 32-page book describing a complete city designed to be a hometown for your campaign's bravest heroes, with detailed building descriptions based on information from the old TSR adventure N5: Under Illefarn.
* Two Poster Maps - Full-color sheets showing the entire environs of the North. On the reverse side is a map of the town of Daggerford, plus an extensive set of random encounter tables.


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