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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Castle Sites (1995)

From the back of the book:

A man's castle is his home!

Castle Sites offers a fascinating and detailed look into the workings of seven fantastic fortresses:

- Kaurak Kholzil, a dwarven bastion built into the face of a cliff to protect a rich adamantium mine;

- Cloud Keep, the flying fortress of a storm giant clan;

- Dragon's Coffin, built to keep an ancient black dragon trapped inside its subterranean lair;

- plus a walled valley, the ruined castle of a lich, a border fort, and a frontier outpost.

Each entry includes a description of the site's appearance, history, and layout, a detailed floor-plan, complete data on the NPCs who live (or died) there, and adventure hooks to draw play characters into the setting.

Castle Sites is easily adaptable to any AD&D campaign and is suitable for all levels of play. Also in this series of accessories: City Sites and Country Sites.


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