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Monday, April 22, 2024

Ravenloft Campaign Setting (1994)

From the back of the box:

Terror in the Land of Mists

In the year 351 of the Barovian calendar, Stradh von Zarovich made a pact with Death--a pact that sealed his fate and created a land of nightmares known as Ravenloft. Other lords of darkness have embraced the Demiplane of Dread as their own, and woe to heroes who wander there. Creatures of the night prey freely upon the living in this land, and day is but prelude to another night of horror.

This new edition of the RAVENLOFT game combines the original Realm of Terror boxed set with elements from Forbidden Lore and updated rules from other accessories. Domains destroyed in the infamous Grand Conjunction have been deleted, new domains added, and key personalities details. This boxed set included:

- Realms of Terror--a 160-page book of rules concerning the reshaping of character classes; fear, horror, madness, and power checks; curses; spells and magical items, both new and old; psionics; techniques of terror; and more.

- Domains and Denizens--a 128-page book describing the dark lands of the Core, the islands of terror, and many nefarious personages.

- Two maps depicting the reshaped Core domains and the islands or terror.

- A poster featuring a painting by artist Robh Ruppel.

- A tarokka deck of beautifully illustrated card for role-playing fortunetelling.

- A DM screen specifically designed to be used with a RAVENLOFT campaign.


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