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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bastion of Faith

Bastion of Faith is in the same series as Den of Thieves that I have written about previously. The other supplement in the series is College of Wizardry. Of the three this is the one that I felt the least love for. It is still an excellent offering but I just found the other two more interesting but they are all very good source material. Even though it was written under the second edition I think this is something that can be used by fans of previous or later editions of the game.

Published: 1999
Pages: 96

From the back cover:

"Bastion of Faith presents a complete temple of priests and affiliates (holy warriors, devout rogues, and pious wizards) that can be placed into any campaign or adventure. Bastion of Faith follows the format of the popular Den of Thieves and College of Wizardry sourcebooks. This 96 page book contains:

A complete roster of the priests and affiliates of the temple called the Bastion of Faith, including detailed descriptions for the temples upper hierarchy.

Rules for incorporating nonpriest characters into the temple as affiliates.

Maps of the temple, its public spaces ... and the tainted catacombs beneath it.

New priest spells and new blessed magical items.

Four mini-adventures for priest or nonpriest characters.

The full story behind the Bastion's 'Secret Doctrine' and the consequences for the temple should the truth ever get out."

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Lead Legion said...

It's a great setting for a campaign centred around a religious institution -or even as a substitute for the traditional "local lords castle" in a sandbox game.