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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Space Opera

From the web:

"Space Opera is a science-fiction role-playing game focused on space opera themed adventures. Although generic, it has an official universe first described in Space Marines."


  • A 92 page Volume 1 rules book with sections on human and alien player characters, character generation, a dozen career areas, over 175 skill areas, psionic talents, equipment maintenance and repair, starship maintenance, and asteroid mining.
  • A 90 page Volume 2 rules book with sections on equipment lists and descriptions, technology levels, vehicles and aircraft, weapons, ground combat, starship design and combat, interstellar commerce, starports, planet generation, non-player characters and encounters, and aliens.

Supplementary Material

  • A double-sided blue cardstock Character Record Sheet/Novagun Targeting and Range Chart
  • A double-sided blue cardstock UFP Planet Survey Form/Starship Data Sheet
  • A double-sided blue cardstock UFP Intelligence Report Form/Novagun Action Hit Table
  • A double-sided blue cardstock UFP Contact Report Form/Novafire Success and Penetration Chart
  • A half page summary of game contents


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