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Monday, November 28, 2022

GA 2 - Personal and Vehicular Basic Loads and The Morrow Project Role Playing Expansion (1981)

From the back of the book:


With this new basic loads package for the Morrow Project!

This package contains both Personal and Vehicular basic loads comprising all of the following:

  • MARS
  • Science
  • SKS
  • V-150 APC
  • V-150 TOW
  • V-150 81mm
  • V-151 20mm
  • Commando Scout
  • XR 311
  • Commando Ranger
  • Air Scout
  • HAAM Suit

All 22 Personal Loads: Rifles, Machine Guns, and Sub Machine Guns, Laser, Dragon Missile, Flame Thrower, Medical and more.

Computer compiled Structure Point/Blood Point Tables to aid in character generation.

Separate, new format character sheets


The all new Role Playing Expansion Booklet
Making possible new skills, college degrees, prior military service, and more!

Your Morrow Project Games Can Only Get Better!


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