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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Dragons & Gods (Second Edition) (1996)

From the publisher:

An in-depth look at the Dragons of the Palladium world, their habits, allies, and lives. The gods of the known world, their powers, minions, churches, priests and alliances to good and evil.

Highlights Include:

* 14 Dragons including the Hydra, Fire Dragon, Thunder Lizard, Cockatrice, Lo-Dox, Ultucan and others.
* Information about dragon hatchlings, adults and ancients, their society, powers and weaknesses.
* Weapons and magic items made from dragons!
* Over 40 gods complete with minions, magical weapons and artifacts, history, legends and worshipers.
* Over 20 demonic lords.
* Elementals and Spirits of Light.
* Priests, churches, cults and beliefs of the Palladium World.
* Rune weapons, Dragon Slayer swords and Holy weapons.
* For use with the Palladium Fantasy RPG, 2nd Edition.
* Compatible with Rifts®, including M.D.C. stats and note.
* 232 pages.


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