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Saturday, May 18, 2024

DragonQuest (2nd Edition)

From the web:

DragonQuest is a fantasy role-playing game originally published by Simulations Publications (SPI) in 1980. Where first generation fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons restricted players to particular character classes, DragonQuest was one of the first games to utilize a system that emphasized skills, allowing more individual customization and a wider range of options.

The second edition of DragonQuest is largely the same as the first edition but contains several adjustments to attempt to balance and speed up play. The most significant change is the replacement of the action point combat system from the first edition with a less cumbersome "one action per round" system called "Pulses". To make up for the lack of action points, Tactical Movement Rates were introduced to define movement within tactical/melee encounters. In addition, several weapon and combat modifiers were adjusted to make it easier to hit targets (and thus speed up combat).

Contains the adventure The Camp of Alla-Akbar by Gerry Klug. Also was available in a boxed set with Blade of Allectus included as the sample adventure.

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