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Monday, April 2, 2012

Asylum - Eastern Seaboard

This is the second and final supplement published for Asylum. Again since I have not played the game I can't speak in full honesty to the value of the supplement for the game. In my opinion though this may be as valuable as the game for many users.

The supplement describes the Wards that six cities on the east coast have become. This is in addition to Chicago which is described in the core rulebook. This greatly expands the area of play that characters can use though why they would travel between Wards might be had to explain unless the Staff Manual supplement is used.

I think the best use of this might be as reference materials for other games. It might be possible to tone down the crazy and sue this as material for almost any post apocalyptic game a DM might want to run. I can even see keeping a portion of the insanity as using them as a basis for some alternate Paranoia type settings.

In the end if you own the core game I think this is just as important to own as the Staff Manual. This allows not only movement but expands on ideas that the GM can use in whatever Ward they may choose to use as the players home base. I think this is a case where the game as a whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. I think if you can see yourself playing the game then this is something to buy.

Published: 2003
Pages: 156

Publishers blurb:

Ever wonder what your city would be like as a Ward? Now you can find out!

This second supplement to the Asylum RPG details the six East Coast Wards, which are built on the ruins of former cities: Mt. Ward (Montreal), Massward (Boston), NYWard (New York), Discward (Washington, D. C.), Atward (Atlanta), and MyWard (Miami). Each Ward section details that location, complete with histories, a map, a description the major buildings and forces, a list of local rumors, and an adventure geared specifically towards that setting. Each Ward section is written by a native of that area for more accuracy. The insanity is coming to your city!

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