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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birthright - Legends of the Hero-Kings

I have never had the opportunity to use any of the adventures in this book. In looking them  over they seem very much tied into the setting more so than many other adventures in other  products.This is not a slur on the product as the adventures seem to be all well done and since  it is a Birthright product why should they not be tied to the setting. It is just that I am not  sure I could suggest picking this up unless you are going to play in the Birthright setting. It  would be possible to change the information to adopt it into a unique setting but I feel the  return on investment of doing that would be less than pulling from other sources. On an aside  on of my top ten favorite monsters is the Ogre Magi and I would own the book simply for having  one on the cover if nothing else!

Published: 1996
Pages: 160

From the Back of the Book:

Far in the future, bards sing tales of kings and conquerors from ages past--but from your  present. The Hero-Kings of legend are your player characters from your campaign, who even now  shape the course of Cerilian history.

More than simply an adventure collection, this 160-page book enables you, the Dungeon Master,  to turn ordinary domain actions into opportunities for heroic exploits. Each of the eleven  "legends" set forth here is based on a different random event from the BIRTHRIGHT Rulebook.  Don't allow a mere die roll to decide the outcome of a blood challenge, rebellion, intrigue, or  magical event--make the PCs forge their own destinies by confronting a madman who is "Blood  Hungry," wresting the "Fang of Kriesha" from its evil wielder's grasp, thwarting a rival  regent's "Double Dealing," and saving all of Cerilia from "The Gift of Azrai."

These adventures are suitable for PCs of all levels and classes--whether regents, scions, or  commoners--and can take place wherever your campaign is set. This book also includes an  appendix that offers advice for running different types of BIRTHRIGHT campaigns and creating  your adventures fit for a king.

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