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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Best of White Dwarf Articles (Volume I)

From the web:

Selected material from the first 3 years of White Dwarf magazine


The Monstermark System by Don Turnbull
A method for assessing D&D monster malignity

The Magic Brush by Shaun Fuller
Fantasy figure painting as an art

The Barbarian by Brian Asbury
A D&D Character Class

The Houri Character Class by Brian Asbury
An alluring D&D subclass

The Barbarian by Ian Livingstone
An introductory fantasy boardgame

Chronicle Monsters by Lewis Pulsipher
Thomas Covenant in D&D

Expanding Universe by Andy Slack
Additions to Traveller rules

The Fiend Factory
The 'Top Ten' monsters from this popular department

D&D Campaigns by Lewis Pulsipher
Philosophy and mechanics of Dungeon Mastering


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