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Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Best of White Dwarf Articles (Volume II)

From the web:

Selected material from White Dwarfs 15 to 30, including An Introduction to D&D, The Dungeon Architect and Backdrop of Stars.


Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons, Parts I-V by Lew Pulsipher
How to get the most from your game

Conversion by Roger Musson
A Clerical ability

Backdrop of Stars by Andy Slack
Fleshing out the Traveller campaign

Dungeons & ... Dragoons by Phil Masters
Historical troop types in FRP

Starbase by Bob McWilliams
Traveller Campaigns

Treasure Chest by Lewis Pulsipher
Amulets & Talismans

A Spell Caster's Guide to Arcane Power by Bob Milne
A spell point system for D&D

Star Patrol by Andy Slack
Expanded scouts in Traveller

The Dungeon Architect, Parts 1-3 by Roger Musson
How to construct credible dungeons

The Ship's Library

Treasure Chest

How to Lose Hit Points and Survive by Roger Musson
Survival for D&D characters

AD&D Character Classes by Lew Pulsipher
Developing a balanced class

The Self-Made Traveller by Trevor Graver
Alternate prior experience system

Fiend Factory
The Top Ten monsters

The Mudskipper

Treasure Chest
Magic Items

The Detective by Marcus L Rowland
New D&D character class


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