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Friday, October 7, 2022

White Dwarf : Issue 29 - Feb 1982

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"Designing a Quasi-Medieval Society for D & D" - Part 1: The Economy - Workers and Craftsmen - (Paul Vernon)

"Lucky Eddi"
Being a tale of mighty Runequest deeds in far off Pavis - (Oliver Dickinson)

"This is, of course, Impossible"
How to tame time in AD&D - (Marcus L. Rowland)

"Weed War"
An underwater Traveller scenario - (S McIntyre)


Open Box - A look at some new games by independent reviewers - "Fifth Frontier War" a boardgame set in the Traveller universe, "Sorag" a Traveller supplement, "Barbarian Prince" a solitaire fantasy game, "Stormbringer" the Elric RPG (John Roberts, Nelson Cunnington, Bill Skirrow, Murray Writtle)

Starbase - "The Mudskipper" a multi-terrain vehicle for Traveller - (Dryden Badenoch)

Character Conjuring - New Races: "Grey and Sylvan Elves" - (Roger E Moore), "The Brownie" - (Bob Lock)


Fiend Factory - new monsters edited by Albie Fiore. "The Desert Light" a D & D mini-scenario (Monsters by Roger E. Moore, Andy Wouldham, Glenn Godard and Barney Sloane)

Treasure Chest - Amulets and Talismans - new classes of magic items for D & D (Lewis Pulsipher) - (edited by Jamie Thomspon)


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