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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chill - GM Screen & Accessory Pack

The ever present GM Screen. This one is for Chill and specifically the Mayfair version of the game. It comes with the screen, a color map of the world and a 32 page adventure. The adventure is Isle of the Dead. I have never played the adventure and am not 100% certain it was still bundled with the screen when I scanned it and packed it away.

From the publisher's website:
This cleverly designed pack adds to the playability of the Chill book by providing those items necessary for convenient game play: a color Chill Master's screen, a color map of the world and a 32-page, spine tingling scenario that sends 4-6 characters into an abandoned amusement park. For the Chill Master's convenience, the gate-fold screen features result, fear and weapon tables that make game calculations quick and easy.

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Tim Snider said...

The original Isle of the Dead for Pacesetter version of the system is still my absolute favorite horror-based module for any system. Never read the Mayfair version, so I'm not sure how different the two are.